1. 78RoverP6

    Engine Details and Dimensions

    I’m looking for some specifications and measurements of the 2000/2200 SC/TC engine. In particular; Deck Height, Connecting Rod Length, Bore Spacing, etc I’ve already looked through the factory manual and though it’s been helpful I’m still missing a few. Thanks, R
  2. M

    75 P6 Engine Tick After Warming Up

    Good morning gurus, Looking for a bit of help running diagnostics on a tapping sound coming from my P6 Engine bay. It only ever happens after the car is warm, both during idle and under load, the tap just speeds up or slows down. After a bit of reasesrch I've found it could be the tappets...
  3. nrmoz

    Checking engine number

    Hi Folks Unusual problem experienced in that the engine number of my recently acquired Rover 3500 (P6B) is incorrect and I'm wondering does any one know the mystery of these numbers. So my papers show engine number H52022445B but the engine block number reads 105.10R then 45502246B on a second...
  4. Dominic Yates

    2000/2200 Engine

    Hi everyone. I am after a piece of rocking horse... you know what. I am in need of a 2000/2200 engine. I have trawled the internet with no avail. To ask a question I think I know the answer to; Does anyone have one for sale in the UK? Transport can be arranged from almost any location in the...