exhaust manifold

  1. sdibbers

    Slight miss at idle with popping exhaust

    This is with a 2000TC running 9:1 2200 pistons with HIF6 carbs. I had a great weekend up in Mass for the Nortb American Rove. Managed about 600 miles round trip with no issues. Got home Saturday evening and noticed that she has a slight miss every second or so at idle with a popping at the...
  2. M

    75 P6 Engine Tick After Warming Up

    Good morning gurus, Looking for a bit of help running diagnostics on a tapping sound coming from my P6 Engine bay. It only ever happens after the car is warm, both during idle and under load, the tap just speeds up or slows down. After a bit of reasesrch I've found it could be the tappets...