1. Olai

    My car wont go into gear

    I recently bought an Rover P6 2200 TC 1976 model and drove it home. It was a bit difficult to get into and change gears. Later that day the car got stuck in reverse and i couldnt get it out of reverse. I backed the car all the way back to my house when suddenly the gear "popped" out of reverse...
  2. ROVER827

    BW65 problem

    Good evening, I have an Automatic P6 1974. The gearbox works well except that I have a freewheel overrun on 2nd gear. Has anybody had this problem ? Thank you for your help. J.B. Bachmann - Switzerland
  3. Cherryroverp6

    Drive shaft removal

    Hello everyone, This evening I was attempting to remove the drive shaft to check the u joints while the transmission was out. Apon attempting to fit tools at the rear yoke towards the diff I was unable to fit a socket or even a wrench behind it without hitting up against the tube. Is there any...
  4. P

    Borg Warner 35 in 3500 - weak reverse when cold, no reverse when warm..

    Good evening. I'm hoping someone on here can help with a slightly odd automatic gearbox fault. The car in question has recently been recommissioned after being unused since 2011, and having very little use - under 100 miles a year - from 2006 to 2011. Basically it goes into forward gears fine...
  5. A

    Automatic gearbox dipstick

    I have a Borg Warner 35 gearbox with my 3.5 V8. The dipstick and dipstick tube are both 500 mm or 19 1/2 inches long meaning that there will always be oil in the tube. Can someone tell me if the dipstick is too short and what the correct length should be. Thanks.
  6. thob

    Erratic behaviour of the gearbox

    Since some time I observe (aka I'm having troubles) a very strange behaviour of the P6 3500S gearbox. 1) the reverse gear hardly stays in place if there's onyl a tiny object in th way or it's uphill. And shifting makes a lot of noise 90% of the time 2) I cannot shift any gear (I tried mainly 1...