1. sdibbers

    Slight miss at idle with popping exhaust

    This is with a 2000TC running 9:1 2200 pistons with HIF6 carbs. I had a great weekend up in Mass for the Nortb American Rove. Managed about 600 miles round trip with no issues. Got home Saturday evening and noticed that she has a slight miss every second or so at idle with a popping at the...
  2. chrismpw

    Manifold fuel/air flow

    Just replaced a set of plugs in my 3500s to cure a misfire. Noticed that plugs 4,6,1,7 were sooted. This hints to me that one of my carbs is either a bit rich, or the choke might be not coming fully off on that carb. Question is... Which carb feeds those 4 cylinders? Also can anyone point...