1. Job

    Icelert in very good condition

    An original used Icelert (Findlay Irvine) as fitted to Nada-cars in very good condition. No dents, cracks or else. Wiring in very good condition too. See detailed pictures. Price: £ 85 (ex. Shipping)
  2. Cafcpete

    Nice looking NADA on car and classic

    I keep trying to justify this car to myself as I have always wanted a NADA, but with mine undergoing restoration with Colin Gould.......... Wouldn't have the garage space :( Looks nice though..... Rare Rover P6 NADA Federal, 3500s USA Spec. For Sale (1989) on Car And Classic UK [C813772]
  3. M

    Loud tapping noise after complete overhaul of the engine

    Hi, I have a 1970 3500S NADA and was forced to do a complete engine overhaul. Despite this, there is still a a loud tapping noise, which seems to come from the top end. The engine runs good and really smooth, has drive 50 kms but the noise stays. Engine parts renewed: Rebore and new...