1969 2000TC For Sale in the States $3500

I am hoping to find someone to take over my TC2000 here in the United States. Brigade red exterior with beautiful black leather interior. Unknown mileage but high, purchased from the original owner. I believe this would be considered a "Federal." Runs good but takes a little while to warm up, possibly in need of a tune-up. Not perfect with various mild defects including loose tach cable, turn signals not functioning, windshield/glass chip, poor paint job up close. Only rust is on the passenger side rear door, doesn't appear to be progressing. No leaks but uses some coolant. I am in the San Francisco area of California. Have manuals and supporting documents. Asking $3500
Unable to download photos due to file size so I can include photos in an email. Thank you.
Good Spotting! Yes, Albert Boasberg's was the original owner and it was an honor to take it over from him. I hope I can find someone wanting to do the same and give it the care it deserves. Thank you for commenting.


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