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1976 2200TC for sale (based in Glasgow)

Discussion in 'Selling' started by craig r, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. craig r

    craig r Member


    for sale is my 1976 2200TC in richelieu red.

    It has 54k miles on the clock and has an immaculate black cloth interior.

    Will be honest and say it is not running too well at the moment, however it would not take a competent/experienced home mechanic too much work to get it running as it should.
    Its still running on points which is probably the crux of the current issue. Ive got a magnetronic ignition unit ready to be fitted and this will be included in the sale. once fitted and everything set up correctly it will be great.
    Only known larger issue is valve clearances. These definitely need attention. Again, probably not a major bit of work for an experienced mechanic and once attended to this car will fly.

    Truth is ive simply run out of money and enthusiasm for keeping the P6. Ive begun to look at other classics and just need to move 'rolf' on to a new owner who can take it to the level it should be at.

    Ive uploaded the pics I have available currently, but can take more detailed pics of specific areas and post if required.

    Because I need the garage space for rolf's replacement he really needs to go quickly, hence im open to a negotiation on price.

    Starting point for which would probably be around £1750 ono.

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  2. craig r

    craig r Member

    apologies, omitted to say:

    Vehicle class is now 'historic' so tax is free.
    MOT runs to August 2017.
  3. rickyv8

    rickyv8 Member

    hi, is this for sale still?

    I'm in Kirkcaldy, Fife not too far
  4. craig r

    craig r Member

    hi. apologies, just seen your message. yes car is still for sale.

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