2.2 tc on ebay


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It does look lovely indeed.
And i recognised the colour, Pendelican White, just like my own car. Therefore it was somewhat a surprise to see the heritage certificate mentioning "Arctic white".
Perhaps it has been painted before the official introduction of the new hue?
Or was originaly arctic but repainted in pendelican?


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I fail to see the relevance of the value of an aggregated collection of cars has on one car in it, does that mean a shitter of a car is more valuable just because it's stable mate was a Hispana Suiza or some other exotic. That said it looks like a nice car and purchase price certainly should not be reflected in the sales price.
Having read the full description I have to say that the complacent intro thoroughly put my back up. Is there anyone on the Forum who is one of his 'avid followers'?
For all that it appears to be a nice motor - until you come to the Mango dish-rag interior (personal prejudice - sorry)
I like the interior. Experience of my 2200TC proved the cloth seats are very comfortable & the colour is seventies-tastic & stands out in the crowd. Goes really well with the white too.