3.9L With new party frock


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The rocker covers on my Cobra motor were looking quite shabby, the black wrinkle finish was falling off in many places and the intake was also looking bad where various fuel leaks over time had taken their toll.
So off with the covers, nice and clean inside ! The carb was removed and the intake painted with VHT silver.
The covers were bead blasted to remove the paint, then vapour basted to provide a silky finish, I then treated them with ACF 50. I will leave them bare to resemble the Buddy Bar cast alloy covers fitted to Ford 289 ci motors fitted to Cobra's in period.
I may look into ceramic coating the headers as they let the side down a bit.
The motor is a top hat linered 3.9 with around 10:1 CR, head work, Typhoon cam, modified valve springs, shortened bulleted guides, HD Pushrods, Rhoads lifters, lightened flywheel, long tube 4-1 headers, re curved dist. Makes circa 240 bhp, loves to rev.
The car is a kinda Rover special with the SD1 motor, LT77, SDI calipers upfront, MG front crossmember and rear axle. Weight is about 1000kg dry.
Lockdown presented the opportunity for a well needed repaint, car was built in 1988, one of the first breed of Cobra replicas in the UK.


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So, "....it's just a Rover"..... What have you been drinkin'....
What's the green one, a Metro with yellow high lights?..
What under the blue cover a White Van!!!


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So many questions :)
The green one is an AS Motorsport R1
We glue these together in Norfolk. They are an Aston DBR1 homage, GRP or alloy bodied, Jaguar or Aston powered, 5 speed, double wishbone front, De Dion rear, steel multi tube chassis. 006.JPG
012 - Copy.JPG
Blue cover hides a GRP R1 body on a stand.


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Lovely cars :thumb:

How do they end up with 'period' registration numbers?
For the ASM cars.
When the cars are registered following their IVA tests there are two paths that can be followed.
If the car is presented with cats then it can be registered as a new build and get a current year reg, this can then be changed for a period plate later.
If the car is presented without cats, then it can be registered using the engine date for emissions, this involves a dual date on the V5C, a current year as date of registration, then a note to say what the year the emissions have to comply with, the car gets a number plate from the year of the donor, which can be changed later.
We try to hunt out NSK three number plates as they are close to one of the original cars.
One customer has MO55 DBR, he has more than one Aston and is a Stirling Moss fan.
For my car.
Back in the day, pre SVA and IVA it was possible to correctly register a kit built car as what it is and retain the donors registration. Mine wore a K suffix plate that I changed to a C suffix to be period correct.