3 for 2 offers

What would you do.

I was recently in a shoe shop that was advertising a '3 for 2 special offer'.

I couldn't fathom out why anyone would want a third shoe, but what would you have asked for, an extra left or right shoe. I was tempted to ask for an extra right one as the heel wears more when driving :)

Also today, in a different shop, I was looking at some loafer type shoes, which would have made great driving shoes, when the saleswoman said 'that's the only one we have', so I just looked at her with a straight face and explained that I really needed both, so would give it a miss. At which point the other half butted in..... :mrgreen:


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I had to buy some ducting for an extractor fan a while back. I tracked down this great place, the guy took us out back to point out what we wanted.

He said 'How long do you want it?' I looked at my mate and replied, 'I want to keep it' :?

You know that feeling, when you're the only person in the room laughing :LOL: