3500 with potential?.


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Demetris said:
Here's a nice one from my archive, although it seems without sundym.

Every time I see them in this colour an image floats across my mind of Mr Hanky from South Park glossy and brown :LOL: .

well, this is back on the road now
its fully legal and tested even as i had to wait for dvla to change it to historic tax
it runs pretty well now that Stina had a laying on of hands last weekend and discovering that 3 out of 8 sparkers were the wrong type!
just the one 'd' post needing welding for the mot and a number plate bulb
it did have a damaged engine but thats sorted.
not by me cos i know sod all about oily things
now i'd re-undersealing it and i find a multi-tool scraper is handy, sadly i actually enjoy it
the interior came up ok
the bodywork is pretty crap but servicable and it will shine, well, mostly!
bee out 4 times now and broken down 3 times
its been laid up for 28 years i think the seller said so the starter sort of comitted suicide and the fan belt fell off in two pieces, an inner and outer!
lots to do but on the road now
just the other 7 to sort now!, anyone looking for a project?
Demetris said:
Here's a nice one from my archive, although it seems without sundym.

That just looks so good i love the colour and the roof, i would love to fit a roof like that to my rosie but have to be in black to go with red. i had to break a car just like that , :( but i have loved the look ever since.
when shiney, mexico brown does look great as i that photo.
the paintwork on the p6 in question is , um, great in the dark but really most panels need replacing so a re-spray would be nice but i'll machine polish whats there for the moment.
its getting reliable mind for this week it reliably broke down in the same spot as last week with the same symptoms!
i did get an hour to liquid leather the seats while it decided it was time to start again.
i'll take a camera next time for its a lovely spot to break down in .
the highest point in the new forest, cracking views one way and a p6 the other!