3500S in Wine Country


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We've been discussing it on FRG.. I think it's worth what he's asking. It does need some work, but looks like a solid starting point.
Not LHD in the UK pehaps. I would buy it but with lockdown there’s no way of getting it back here, but that’s only because I plan to retire to France otherwise I wouldn’t want LHD.
TBH, I don't think that would worry many people. The NADA's have quite a following over here & not many solid P6B's with a good interior are sold in that financial ballpark as a rule, even without the standard NADA extras which could be removed & fitted to other cars.


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Not far from me, and yes the red Rover currently being attended to with leaking front crank seal at mechanics in Santa Rosa. Two 3500s' are enough says SWMBO! My Rovers.jpg


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If anyone wanted it, I would buy it and then ship it to the UK. But I would have already robbed out the AC and console panel...............