4 Cylinder Car Brake Servo Rebuild


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Repair kits are available.. but it's all down to the condition of the bore. If you can get it rebored locally, it'll be worth it.
Is that a VH44 copy servo? I'm struggling to find an original here in NZ so through I might put one of these on. Was it no good?


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Not sure if its a 44 or a 40. Be careful - the cheap 44 copies are almost certainly Chinese, and you are gambling on getting one that has the correct internal bores - the slave cylinder came in several sizes depending on application, and the wrong one can give you a strange feeling pedal. A good brake place should be able to overbore and fit a stainless sleeve.


Fairly sure mine (photo above) is an original PRR VH40. Seems to work OK but I do not have anything to compare it to.


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That's Paton's Brake Replacements, PBR. If it stops well, and the pedal is easy to modulate to get the desired braking, its good. worst brakes I ever experienced were on a Volvo 244 - slight speed checks were OK, but the next pressure step produced a panic stop. All I could think was overly soft pads.
Thankfully the brake experts in town have managed to source all the seals by ringing around New Zealand. Should have a rebuilt original servo in a few days. Hooray.


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With most hydraulic cups and seals ( PBR anyway) the sizes are moulded on the inside (just visible in the pic),so if you can read them on an old cup you should be able to source a replacement. Even the annular seals I have seen have sizes in the grooved area.