74 3500 - Back to daily commuting


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Eggbert68b, your Rover looks really great. Pretty much the way I did mine, but in green. What shade of green is that? It looks very smart indeed with the addition of a long bonnet scoop, and without the stainless side trims. Do you have any emblems on the boot lid or is it de-badged? Is it a 3.9 litre or a 4.6 litre engine?
I thank you mrtask.

It seems by coincidence that you and I were thinking on the same lines regarding the re-spray. I admire your work on your P6.
After years of just maintaining the mechanics which takes priority over looks and still does (plus family / cost implications as well) I finally decided to give the car a facelift a few years ago.
Like you I sourced a genuine NADA central scoop (had to buy the set of three, and sold the two smaller side ones) and cut a long hole in the bonnet. This is really for venting out the heat when stationary as the engine bay gets rather hot during idle. Ian at Joseph spares to thank for that.

The colour is the original Cameron green, which took ages to source the proper pigment (2-pack paint). The sills are also in the same colour (like Series 1) and I removed the stainless side trims (also similar to Series 1).

The engine is a tuned 3.9 RPI block and Rover Vitesse cylinder heads (permits unleaded fuel with a decent octane booster, and larger inlet / exhaust valves). The carbs are standard but needles profiled to suit the engine.

Normal options are included such as an expansion tank, electronic ignition, high volume oil pump, high spec radiator and a Kenlowe electric fan (the extra high performance option used on Land Rovers) which is so thick that I had to cut a long recess in the front valance and move the radiator inboard (1") to fit it in. There is a temp sensor in the radiator which switches the dual speed fan.

Given it is an auto, I swapped the exhaust manifolds for the larger bore 3500S ones and hence now use a front down pipe with increased bore size (custom made) to marry up to the OEM large bore exhaust option for the P6 (custom made in stainless though).

Most of these options I have gained from reading posts on this site (much appreciated) and have offered a few in return. Basically I want it to drive it daily and limit the irritating issues that occur due to age and modern motoring issues. The bonnet has no badge as the old one fell apart but cosmetics always become secondary to the mechanics.


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Car looks brilliant and well done to you for commuting daily in it. I use my P6 throughout the year too. You have to drive and enjoy these cars. You are a long time dead!
I agree Riddler - the cars just want to be driven. It no fun having a car you're worried about getting wet or dirty. As you say you'll never know how long to leave driving it until it too late.
I drive an 85 Mexican Beetle when not driving the Rover.
That said, my young son opened the front door straight into our house side wall the other day - what's a bit of chipped paint ........