Auto gear Lever rubber bush


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Any leads on where I can get a new rubber bush that holds the BW35 gear lever knob in place.
The bush that sits at the top of the lever and under the knob.
Mine had gone like jelly in the heat and is next to useless


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Make one from a piece of rubberised hose.
Totally see what you mean-will save me a lot of messing about
looks like a 12mm diam. will do the trick.
The present failed one is my third . The original was in good shape when I replaced it. I thought I was doing the right thing by upgrading
Dhur. Seems the new ones are made out of playdoh
thanks Hp6.
Happy New year to you Sir


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Who would have thought?
If they're made with the same compound as the bushes Ive used in the past - They will last about 4 years esp. in the heat down here in the antipodes.
Worth a punt though
thanks Peter ZRH
I got a genuine LR one (you can see the part number in the link). Still good 5+ years on. The rubber has a PVC-like feel rather than a natural rubber. I think these like any degrade with heat cycles and UV.


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Having seen this post a few days ago I decided to buy said bush from the Land Rover supplier link above (you only get one bush by the way!) to fit to my gear knob and I can fully recommend it. The bush is more like plastic than rubber and an absolute bugger to screw on once it has been pushed into the gear knob but the end result is a proper fitted part with no likelihood of rotation or sloppiness. Brilliant and all for a few quid!!