Ballast resistor and General help

I have purchased a 1977 mgb gt 1.8. The engine and gear box etc have been upgraded and has been fit with a rover sd1 3.5ltr v8 engine and gear box.
My question is do i still need a ballast resistor? I basically brought this as a non runner and when i brought it the resistor was attached but not wired up. I assume they had it running without it being wired up.
Im not sure when it was last run but the tax disk said 08 but it looks like its been used for rallying of some kind. I have fixed the fuel pump, fit a new starter, fit a new dizzy and coil, new leads and plugs and battery.
There is fuel to the carbs. There is power to the coil and theres a spark. sounds like it wants to start at times but if left a day or 2 seems like its back to square 1.
Im out of ideas. I have the dizzy at TDC firing on number 1.
I have messed around with the timing but still no joy. The carbs have been off and look clean.
When i got the car the fuel pump was seized and points burnt, starter was slow, carbs seized etc so not great. Can anyone offer some advise how to get my car started please


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Hi, Does the distributor have points or electronic ignition? Is the coil for use with a ballast resistor or not? Is there a 12v supply to the coil when the engine is cranking?

the distributor is electronic ignition and the coil was supplied by the same company and know what my set up was so i have to say that it is correct. yes there is 12v to the coil on cranking and i have had a plug light on it to make sure im getting a spark
No I haven't checked that yet as I have nothing to check it with. I know the compression is good as I can't really turn it over by hand but that's it


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I would check compression first. Can’t really tell by hand. Could be wasting your time trying to get a knackered engine running.