Beige door card please

Beige door card please - front pass side, or a set if easier, plus a chrome window winder handle.

Needed 'cos some idiot has glued winder on mine and im swapping doors.

If you're swapping doors you could try protecting the trim & sawing through the winder spindle. I've never had a handle that didn't come away in the end, though some have been very difficult to remove.

I have a decent hacksaw saw plus some hardboard I can perhaps slip over the card, my other idea was to use a small angle grinder but think sparks might be an issue!


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Are you sure it's glued on? Seems like a silly thing to do, but possible I suppose.

You could always drill into the end of the shaft with a small hole cutter, which would cut through the handle, but go over the drive. Bound to work, what could possibly go wrong ?

Have you tried tapping it with a hammer, not that the spring clip has been removed, or turning it sharply clockwise and anti-clockwise to shake it loose?

Might try the Drilling!
Have tried hammer, crowbar, teeth and other forms of physical violence, all to no avail!

Just like the steering wheel removal, just broke a metal G clamp trying to get that off!

I reckon car was owned by Mr Araldite before!