Bespoke - Inspection service

Dear members

With 35 years of experience within the automotive sector and in particular, body repair and classic cars. I’m now offering bespoke classic car services to club members, which I believe will remove the associated risks when buying cars from eBay and other Internet sales sites.

Many people buy memories when choosing a particular vehicle and in a lot of cases, buy with their hearts instead of their heads. This can mean that more common than not, people will take a sellers word for the description, not take the time to view and rely on photographs which we all know can be deceiving. I’ve known a number of buyers over the years who have paid a premium for the car of their dreams, rushed into the purchase without a physical inspection only to end up with a shiny rotten wreck. As we also know, cars can be located quite a distance from the buyer so travelling to view is sometimes difficult and costly, especially if a buyer has to make a second journey to collect.

I can now personally help buyers to find the right car, provide a physical inspection, including a detailed report, high resolution photographs, live video and in lots of cases, provide transportation if required. Centrally located in the Midlands, I am well placed to reach most destinations the same day and can have a full report to the buyer within 24 hours. In addition, I can also help negotiate the best price on behalf of the buyer. My services also include, vehicle sourcing, interior and body refurbishment, pre sale preparation, marketing and advertising.

Finally, the cost will be very reasonable as the service is intended to help buyers reduce purchase cost, hassle and remove risk. I'm independant and currently work with the automotive industry as a management consultant, I also have access to a large network of vehicle repairers, dealerships and suppliers for both classic and modern vehicles.

For more information, please feel free to contact me on 01782 680 832, 07881 025154 or email

Kind regards

Hi All

I've had a considerable amount of P6's over the years, several 2000 TC's, 2000 auto's, 3500 Auto's and 3500's models. I don't claim to be a P6 expert but I can certainly spot a good one from a bad one, fully aware of the issue area's and can advise a buyer on whether it is or isnt a good investment.

It might not suit everyone but there are a number of buyers out there who get duped into thinking that the shiny car in the photograph is worth paying over the odds for. Then sadly, it arrives only to show its been glued together and tarted up to look the part. Think you will agree, a lot of P6's look great but under the skin can be a nightmare.

Hopefully what I provide is detailed eye onbehalf of a buyer who is too far away to go and inspect the car themselves. Not withstanding that an independant inspection is worthwhile and removes the emotion from buying the car they have always wanted.

After all, people dont buy classic cars, they buy memories and dreams.

Hope this helps.