Boot prop rod or measurements needed


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Hi, I have a 1968 3500 Series 1. It's a very original car and has all the necessary parts for the boot mounted spare except the prop rod. I'd be interested if anyone has one available or if anyone can send me detailed measurements, including the thickness of the rod. The last few trips have been done with at least one suitcase on the back seat. We'll be touring Scotland in July and I'd really like to have the suitcases in the boot where they belong.
Thank you.
have you lost the rod or is that how far you are up to installing the boot kit? the rod itself is simple but there is a plastic wheel at one end that runs in the slot in the inner guard and there is a plastic clip at the other which clips the rod onto the boot lid or the boot inside depending on whether you have a wheel on it or not? I might have a spare but try the usual suspects as they often have those bits PM me for details


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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the reply. My car had everything except the rod. I was able to buy the upper plastic clip but could find no one with the prop rod. I got in touch with a guy in Florida on eBay a few months ago. He had a few P6 boot lids and some other used body panels listed but got no reply. I tried him again and he found one in a box of miscellaneous prop rods.

The lower wheel is a bit worn, the inner flange is missing a chunk. I just bought a combination milling machine/lathe so I plan to try my hand at making the wheel from some Delrin stock. Unfortunately, not in time for this trip but I think the existing wheel will suffice for now.

Thanks again,


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Hi Tam,

That's very kind, thank you. Just found one in Florida. They are getting very difficult to come by. I bought the top clip from Mark Grey. The wheel is a bit rough on this one but I just got a combination lathe/milling machine and may try making some from Delrin when I get back.

Haven't sorted where we're going in Scotland. I've got reservations as far as Edinburgh until the 11th. We have to make our way to Cairnryan by the 17th to catch the ferry to Larne.