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Boot seal

Discussion in 'The P6 Rover Owners Club' started by kevinchown, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. kevinchown

    kevinchown Member

    Hi all just a quick question, I'm trying to do it the boot seal to the edge of boot (the monoc not the lid itself) and it appears to be too small does anyone know whether it just sit on the frame or should it overlap which would make it a lot easier to fit!!
  2. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    The boot seal on the base unit should have a moulded lip which 'hooks' over the top of the metalwork. It will most probably need sticking in place with a suitable rubber glue. I fitted a new seal from Scotts Old Auto Rubber, but didn't use any glue. Consequently the seal keeps coming away at the top corners where the bootlid hinges up. Annoying! On my long list of things I never seem to get around to sorting out!
  3. kevinchown

    kevinchown Member

    Hi there is lip but it still doesn't seem to only just sit on top, it doesn't over the metalwork....
  4. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

    Got a pic? It should look like this: -

  5. mikecoombs

    mikecoombs Active Member

    there are a couple of spots where it tends to pull away. The place yours is coming away is the usual area. If you place some rubber glue on the metal in that area and clip it down with bulldog clips till the glue dries it'll stay there in my experience. the other areas are the turns going from the side of the boot to the bottom. note you need to line up the tread plates on the bottom and pierce some holes in the rubber so you can rivet them on. note the holes in the treadplates are not always in the same places and it is worth checking they line up with the holes in the boot edge before playing with the rubber!

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