Brand new, unused, old stock manual gearbox for 2000, 2200 P6!


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Rover P6 2000. 2200 Schaltgetriebe neu | eBay

Not my auction. This item is advertised for sale on German ebay. A link to the auction was posted on the German P6 enthusiasts website hosted and run by our esteemed colleague and P6 historian Rüdiger Wicke. Not cheap, but there can't be many of these about! Perhaps there's a UK 2000/2200 P6 owner who needs this?


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translated from listing
Original factory replacement manual transmission from Rover for models Rover 2000 and 2200 both SC and TC. Known as P6. Preserved from stock from 1979 and only now opened. Part No 607 422 corresponds to Goldseal Unipart 622 128. Ideal as a conversion project Automatic to manual transmission. New Factory reconditioned manual. Gearbox P6 Saloon all , ex dry stored stock . Can be supplied worldwide. Last chance to buy an original unit. phone 0049 5156 343

One wont find many factory reconditioned boxes that for sure