Breaking 3500s

clive P62

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Bought as a failed resto,been in lock up 20 years.
Working webasto roof/was recovered but needs recover/ referbish.
Complete working PAS kit.
Got engine running on clean fuel.
Good points,oil pressure 20psi hot idle/35at 2450 with independant gauge.
Sounds great would suit rebuild project,will come with carbs/starter manifolds.
Bad points,2 broken long w/pump bolts/inlet manifold bolt. some ham fisted twit has broken in half lower belhousing thread on block.
Manual gear box selects all gears but unable to test on road could be ok or for parts, diif ok.
I dont need engine/box (have too many already!)
Any offers for engine/box? or it gets scrapped with shell.
No body panels only side glass in sundym. PM me for more info.

clive P62

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Hi Richard,
I am in hanworth middx which is about 3 miles from twickenham rugby ground.
Got to leave wheels on till last so i can get it out of garage for scrap man to take away.
Hi Clive
I Could be interested in the Gearbox can you let me know if it's still for sale ?
If so how much are you looking for for it and also would you be able to put it on a pallet
as I would have to get it couriered as I live in Sunderland.

clive P62

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Hi Jonners,
Webasto now sold,sorry.
Still have side glass but in car at moment,can take it out during the week.
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clive P62

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Scrap man coming soon for the shell, is the engine any good to anybody ( see my original listing ) only missing flywheel /petrol pump/crank pulley.
Or I will leave it in shell for him to take.
Still have side sundym glass with front door frames.
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That engine looks cleaner than the one in my car !
Gotta be worth taking off the Ex fannymolds, I had to pay good money for an S set recently.



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Bits on there you should be able to sell on without the engine... dizzy,manfolds, the late alternator mount and bracket, carbs and manifold... good rocker shafts are hard to come by too....

If you dont remove them you'll need them in a couple of weeks!