Cheap Range Rover Classic

Not a P6, but might be of interest to some.

If anybody is after a nice Range Rover Classic, maybe this would fit the bill. I have always had a soft spot for the early ones, especially the 2 doors. I know they are becoming sought-after, and provenance is a valuable commodity, but does anybody else think that this is a little expensive?

I have no doubt it will sell, as the vendor has sold several Classics recently; maybe a straight swap for a nice P6, after all, they were similar prices when new.

Hopefully, my link to the site will work this time.
Wow! What a car! And what a provenance! No idea at all whether it's worth the money, but that provenance is sure to loosen a few cheque books!



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I don't care if Wills and Harry were conceived in it, 82K!! HOW MUCH!!, I think the swear filter might kick in if I comment further....