Classic Insurance.


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Has anyone got their classic insured without the need to have a "daily driver" insured as well, or got classic insurance with themselves insured as a second driver on someone else's daily driver?
I have my classic insured with Footman James.not aware any need to be insured with another car! ( though I am ). it has unlimited mileage cover at agreed value. though I think I covered about 250 miles in it last year! ( ongoing money pit and issues)


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I have a company car on the company insurance policy and am named as a driver on my wife's. I can't remember who my Rovers are insured with but I'll check the paperwork tonight when I get a chance.


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I got my P6 insured with Lancaster and was hoping to get the clause "policyholder may drive another car not owned by them with owner's permission" as this comes in handy with family meet ups, you can help share the driving, in fact my son had that clause on his insurance and was driving my P6 half the time when we went up to Burghley Hall last month, it was a joy!

however Lancaster have told me they dont offer it, you are insured on the P6 and thats it (I have no other car before you ask :D )


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I thought as I started this thread I'd update it seeing as it's been resurrected. I got myself added to MrsH's insurance (at no cost increase), then phoned around and ended up going with Lancaster. The insurance was with Sabre, which had good cover, and actually accrued a NCD which is unusual for a classic policy. I have to say the administration at Lancaster was appalling, they kept sending a form asking for me to send documentation, not specifying what documentation they wanted, when I phoned I was told nothing was needed, so ignore the letter, only to get another one saying that they would cancel the policy if they didn't receive it, still with nothing telling me what they wanted. So phone again to find they want a photocopy of my driving licence. No problem. So that's it till the policy paperwork arrives when I see that on a £225 policy, they had taken £75 of that as their commission. That's a THIRD, and they were useless anyway. Then I did a mileage limit correction. £21 cost from Sabre, plus £30 for Lancaster, so that's £105 they've taken off me on a total policy cost of £276. Then to add insult to injury when they did the mileage limit increase they removed the cars details from the MID, which caused me another load of aggro. When I phoned up about that, while sitting looking at the MID page on my computer, they just lied and told me that it was on there, which it obviously wasn't. A few keyboard taps that I heard down the line and somehow it mysteriously appeard as insured. Hmmmm, never again.

It came up for renewal, and got it back on a normal policy, which is what I really wanted in the first place, and that's with SAGA, whose premium was about the same, and without the hassle. So there we have it, a lesson learnt, and luckily enough I am now seeing some benefit to being an old git!