Classic Tracker 50/50 Launch Offer

Hello everybody - great to e-meet you. As a pair of classic car enthusiasts who have both suffered incidents involving classic car theft, we have very recently launched a new vehicle tracking service dedicated for classic cars and motorcycles.

As part of our launch, we’re offering a 50/50 promotion until the end of March and would like to offer this promotion to The Classic Rover Forum.

Simply visit our website: Classic Car and Motorcycle Tracker Service and enter the following coupon-code when you check out: MAR17. This will discount the tracker by £50 and an Annual Service Plan by 50%.

We look forward to protecting your cars! Thanks for taking the time to read.


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Depending how far you want to go on security most cheap trackers relies on the mobile phone networks,
The more expensive trackers have GSM and VHF and some tracking companies can send theses signals directly to police cars, like everything you get what you pay for.