Electric fuel pump conversion?

Has anyone done the conversion on a 4 cyl?
Which pump works better? The ususl facet or a "suck" type like the Huco products?
Any pics or advice on installation, wiring?
I'm also interested in this option - I think my non-starting is down to poor pump performance (can't yet be sure). I note Facet suggest suitable parts on their site - the top of the range for the Rover seems to be part number FEP87SV which claims a 24" vertical lift capability however I can't see any detailed instructions. With that capability I would think it was OK in the engine bay but their FAQ seems to discourage this.

Interested to hear from anyone who has actually done the conversion.

I'll update once its done - I now have a Huco pump ready to try sometime next week!

28/4/2015 - Well the pump is in and working so far - but I can't mount it where I want until I remove the old pump (blanking plate ordered!) so further work to do.

21/06/2015 - The mechanical pump probably wasn't the main problem - see my other pics in the Welcome section for the state the carbs were in. Huco pump seems fine - I'm getting a plate made up so I can mount the electric pump approx. in the same place as the mechanical one - if it works I'll post some details and pictures.