Engine mounts (4-cyl)


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I just installed the VW mounts a few weeks ago in my '68 TC. The left side (this side has a bushing) fit was loose and the bolt dropped right in. The right side has no bushing and was much tighter. I had to tap the bolt to get it through the bracket but no drilling was necessary. The tight fit on that side made getting the threads aligned more difficult as I had to move the gearbox up and down and side to side to get any change in bolt alignment. If I was doing this again, I would probably drill the bracket out very slightly.
I’ve got a question here. I saw near the beginning of this thread that it was mentioned that putting the mount brackets on the wrong side of the car can result in it being near impossible to get the air box off. This is the situation for my air box. Is this also possible if the LH mount is kaput?