Front Shock Absorbers Lower Mount

On my 1975 2200TC I received and advisory on its last MOT of worn front lower shock absorber bushes. I have bought some new bushes but when I removed the shock I realised that the split pin was in the outer vertical hole. When I removed the bushes and shock I realised the inner, horizontal hole was non-existant! It appears to have a rusted pin in it flush with the shaft that I can't remove. I've tried punching it out and it doesn't move and also heating with a propane torch and then punching but no luck. I imagine that drilling may be the only option unless anyone has any other ideas. Does anyone know what diameter this split pin hole should be?



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Nice sharp drill bit and perseverance. I had to drill out both sides on my car as the split pins were ancient and wouldn’t budge.
Try and get a good centre punch before you start-easier said than done on a split surface of course... I may have even resorted to a small carbide burr or endmill to break the top surface on one side, can’t remember.
I threaded my mounts for nylocs so probably could have got away with leaving them flush but didn’t want the chance of them moving slightly and locking up the nut


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If you drill a small hole right through the centre of the split pin , 3 mm, it will most likely relieve the tension allowing the rest to then driven out with a punch. Given the part number of the Pin, its most likely an imperial size , not metric.
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When setting up I was removing dampers on a regular basis. I did away with the split pins and used large R clips, they fitted the holes snugly and were so tough I could use them to lever the bush to one side to get the clip in.
Passed MOT tests no problem.
I have since threaded the bottom pin and use a nyloc nut.
I managed to drill out both sides OK, I used a spotting drill to start a centre and then drilled out in stages until all the rust had gone. I fitted the rubber bushes without much of a problem, I turned a pin to fit in the 3/16" outer hole and used a couple of screwdrivers to compress the bushes.
Then went for a drive and the suspension was much better.