Fuel pouring from drivers side carb... Stuck/sunk float? Thoughts, people?


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Noticed a very distinct whiff of petrol and that my car didn't want to idle without stalling, popped the hood, fuel pouring from the overflow pipe out of the drivers side carb (V8, HIF6s). Tried tapping the carb body with the handle of a screwdriver, to no avail.
I suspect float trouble. Sunk or stuck. ISTR that is a carb-off-the-manifold job, and needs a seal kit. If anybody has any helpful suggestions please chime in!
What parts do I need to order, and from who? Wait, am I jumping the gun? I suppose I need to have it off and on the work bench before I start ordering parts... Post advice and moral support please.


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Sometimes it's just some dirt that sticks to the needle and doesn't allow it to seal properly.
As you say, you have to take the carb off to find out. It's a simple enough job, so, nothing to worry about.


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When you remove the float chamber base from an HIF6 the square section O ring seal will grow and you can never get it back again. However when I had trouble and no new seal I got a scalpel and cut the seal, offered it up to the seal recess and cut again, then joined with superglue. It worked and sealed perfectly.

I only offer this up as a get you out of a muddle solution.

Before pulling the carb check you fuel pressure is below 3 psi.