Fuel pump for a 2200 engined P6

All cars had glass domes until roughly 1969, when a slightly higher pressure pump (to deal with the added return line to the fuel tank for emissions) was specified for NADA cars. That pump had a metal dome.

Same pump as a David brown 990 tractor. About £30 new on eBay.
I will add that one to my parts cross reference. I noticed at the website as the fuel pump that they run 172 degree thermostat in those tractors, almost identical to the original Rover spec of 170 for a Rover 2000. I will add that to my parts cross reference as well.

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Thanks for the info , and I am sorry not to have replied quicker, Is that correct the David brown 990 fuel pump is the same as the P6 without any changes. If correct it is outrages the prices for p6 pumps
I looks the same to me. I showed a Rover pump to a former tractor dealer for that era and he recognized it as being from a David Brown 990. I will buy a 990 rebuild kit, and rebuild my spare pump and carry it with me.