Fuel tank vent issue

Hi all,
Just got the car back together after a year long restoration, everythings going well except I seem to have an issue with the fuel tank vent tubes in the boot not being right and the car is perpetually stinking of petrol when I drive it.
Should have taken pictures when I took it apart, as I was very confused with what to do with all of these tubes when I put it back together.
After connecting all the pipes up to where they seem to naturally fit, I have one spare which is just sat in front of the tank with nothing to join it to and it leads direct into the tank. The result is the tank venting directly into my boot and making the car stink of petrol.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
I think you may be missing a pipe and maybe a joiner...
Standard Non-Emissions tank has a single breather hose which come out of the tank goes up into the side rear quarter panel where it loops back and heads across the tank. Then there is a joiner to a pipe that runs across the top of the tank then heads down and out to under the car. Sounds like pipe two (basically L shaped) is missing, but might also be pipe 1 (has the u turn in it).

Emissions cars are much more complicated but you will know if you have one as there is a second flat tank attached to the back of the main tank and there are a couple of loops of tube around the main tank. (which has two breather ports in it on opposite sides of the top). Ultimately its similar to the above but but both breathers head up into the quarter panel where they are joined. The resulting single line then comes down, loops horizontally around the main tank a few times then goes into the flat tank. It comes out of the flat tank then goes across and up into the opposite quarter panel into the car running along the right side roof rail then through the A post, down the drain gutter and across the guard into a carbon canister which ventilates into the elbow on the right carb. Provided you have all the pipes it is a fairly simple jigsaw. The parts book has a picture of both layouts Pages 1360 and 1363
Ok thanks Mike, I'm going to head down the workshop now for another look see.
I think I may have an emissions tank as there are 2 breathers coming from the top of the tank and several hoses going all over the place. Think someone has removed the flat tank and then done something with the hoses
oh I forgot, there are grommets everytime apipe goes through something and a special riveted steel pipe passing through the A pillar. If youhave lost the clips that hold the pipe up the are available from Bresco
Bugger! You could just join the pipe coming down from the qtr panel with the one that finishes halfway around the loops at the rear. The second tank is an expansion tank for the gases and any petrol that gets pushed out the breather. It stops the carbon canister flooding in the event you overfill on a hot day..

Alternatively, i think the original drain hole is still there, filled with a rubber plug, you could just run the line from the qtr panel across the tank and down and out below as per earlier setup


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Mine doesn't have a separate tank, but does have two breathers. One pipe goes from the left hand side, up over the filler pipe, then does the loop in the qtr panel, back down under the filler pipe, across the back of the tank, then around the side of the tank and through a hole in the floor. The other one goes right, does the loop in the RHS qtr panel, then down the side of the tank out through a hole in the floor, next to the other one.


Mine come out close to the tank outlet.


I have seen tanks with only one breather, I take it they changed it for some reason during production.
Ah I think I see where I've gone wrong now. I only have one pipe exiting the car next to the fuel sender where you have two. Think I might have to pull the tank out again to see where all these pipes are going because I threw it all together in an excited rush to get the car going again.
That'll have to wait for another day, task for today is to sort my exhaust out.
Went for a little drive into the shops before, about 5 miles into the journey the car suddenly became louder, then continued to get progressively louder all the way to the shops. Looks like the bolts holding the o/s downpipe to the manifold have come loose, or thats what i'm hoping