Fuse blowing


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I bought one of these DAB radio adapters the other day and have also installed a dash cam. Both of these and the sat nav have plugs which go into the cigar lighter (it's a Rover, they're called cigar lighters :) ) I also got a three way 12v adapter which didn't work.

So to make life easier I bought a couple of good quality 12v sockets and wired one into the back of the original, then through a switch to the dash cam. This is fed by fuse 1-2. Flicked the switch, cam came on, no problem.

The other one I wired into the wire which feeds the radio. This comes from the top of fuse 23-24 and through an in-line fuse. I turned the ignition to Aux, and both worked.

I then started the car, warmed the engine up and had a play with MS to smooth out the idle. It didn't really get much better, still a little on the lumpy side so I drove down the road, turned round at the bottom, and - No oil pressure :oops:. After a bit of panicking I realised that there was no fuel or temperature either, and that the fuse 19-20 had blown. I replaced it and it blew again immediately. I tested it with a multi meter and found there was no resistance from the bottom of the fuse to earth.

Assuming I had done something silly, I disconnected the new wiring but there was still no resistance to earth, so I reconnected them and the radio, dashcam and DAB thingy all work fine.

I have removed the centre console and insulation to get a look at the reverse light switch and it appeared to be ok.

Any ideas anyone, it's got me stumped.