gas struts for engine bay bonnet

hi there,
Has anyone fitted a pair of gas struts to the bonnet of a P6?
I think that it would be a good modification and make trying to reach forward and grab the stay , a thing
of the past.
If I measured the open height required, would that be the the only measurement needed for sourcing a pair?
The same could be applied to the boot?


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Fitting them without damaging the aluminium would possibly be a challenge assume you would need to weld mounting points?. Also would make it more complicated to whip the bonnet off and on (i.e. when changing from winter to louvred summer versions)


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Hi, It would also put a bending force on the bonnet, to have a reasonable length strut it would need to be about halfway back and with you pulling down on the front of the bonnet it would tend to bend it in the middle. It's bad enough when a hinge starts to seize it tends to bow the bonnet.

hi there, interesting replys from all...
I have now abandoned the idea, just a thought, but not as bad as $3300 for an oil la loo loo la
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