Greetings all, I came across this forum by accident whilst trawling the net and thought i'd sign up.

I don't have a Rover at the moment (although i do still have a TVR with the RV8, if that counts!) but have had a few over the years, including a very early production 2000sc (originally in the family and which i also took my test on), 3500S, 95, Sd1 V8, Sd1 V8 VandenPlas (series 1), 827, 800 Vitesse Sport and a few smaller ones at the same time, ie 216s, 216 Vitesse, 216Sli (Honda engined). Seems I've never quite managed a P5 though.

What do people on here define as 'classic'. There was much debate when the 216-type Rovers were announced that they weren't really Rovers, just rebadged Hondas, although I recall it also being said when the SD1 was launched that it too wasn't a proper Rover and that seems to be accepted as a classic now. No doubt the same was said when the P6 was announced, and the P4 before that.
I'm sure I'll find a forum topic about it at some stage.

I will monitor this forum with interest.


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Rovers prior to sd1 (for me) hold a certain charm being the remanant of a bygone era with the p6 being a crossover to a modern car but still retaining the quality and craftmanship that was the hallmark and aspiration of Rover management.........after that not so much....well thats my perspective, the late 70's and 80's are a decade and a half that probably could be typified by badly built bland carsthat thankfully will be forgotten by time except for the few rare standouts from other brands.

I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I have, it is filled with wonderful cars and great people



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I think it just about makes it to the SD1 era for me, as the iconic V8 was still up front with some updates and the cars still impressed me. A five door family wagon, almost of estate proportion, which handled well, hustled when you wanted it to with acceptable economy and styling for the times. Build quality issues were everywhere back then :LOL:
Everyones thoughts will be different, like you said, P4 and 5 owners thought the 6 was below the marques standards back in the day. I like 'em all, back to the P3 as before that I have no experience :)


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Hi, welcome to the forum...

I like them all! Early 800s are definitely classic in my eyes, and i think the other ones are a little too new but they'll be classics soon enough. The early 216s are definitely a rarity now, and though mechanically not rovers I feel they do have the raight ambience to be considered rovers and will be classics. Some would probably argue the tomcats are a future classic and there's no denying a 600Ti is a fast cruiser just as the p6 was in it's day...



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I am not sure all the cars from the late 70's and early 80's will fade away. Have you seen the price of For capri 2.8i's and Escort RS2000's recently? I am not sure that there is room for many new classics these days though. I used to own a Jaguar XJS and it was pointed out to me that it will never have the status of the E type as the Et ype will continue to exist and will not go away. I expect in 50 years time, the halls of the NEC at the annual classic show will still be filled with the same cars they are now! That being said, I do believe that a preference for a particular car comes from what you are familiar with. I like Rovers because my Father drove (and drives) them. I have little interest in Triumphs as I have no memories of them. It was said to me that the interest in pre-war cars is dwindling. Maybe this is because all the people who can relate to them are getting too old to own and show them?
Thanks for the comments folks.
It is true to say that my interest does follow from experiences early on, ie as a car-mad youngster my father had P4s and then P6, and these were ingrained in me. I don't have any real connection with the P3 and earlier models, so still tend to concentrate on the P4 - SD1 era. Whilst the SD1s were a current model when I first had them, I do see tham as a 'classic' now, if only because they seem to be few and far between now and I have nostalgic views about them.
Looking forward to using the forum.
SD1 is just a bit too plasticky & modern-looking for me to be able to hold any affection for it. Though I do recognise that it was a design that led the way for the industry & could have been a world-leader if the initial build-quality hadn't been so abysmally bad.
The less said about the following vehicles with the Rover badge on the better. Though I'd probably have a 75 estate if I was in the market for a modern car.