Hello from Glasgow!

Evening all!

I'm new both to this forum and to the pleasures of classic Rover ownership, having bought a 1975 P6 3500 last week. It's my first classic, and I'm absolutely delighted with it so far; condition-wise, it's probably best described as a light rolling restoration, as it runs and drives beautifully but has the odd niggle which I hope to find some help with around here!

All the best!


@Barten and @sdibbers: good eye, both of you! It has both front and rear seats from a 75 installed by the previous owner. The front seats are electric and not currently wired in- I swithered initially between doing that and sourcing an original interior, but after having done a few dozen miles in them I've decided they're enormously comfortable and they don't look half bad either, so the next step for those is finding a good place to wire them into the car so they're movable.

@falkor, I don't know if I quite have the confidence in the car yet to drive from Glasgow to Lincolnshire- I was hoping to do a few local shows to build up to a longer drive!

@ghce, I'd be interested to know more about the car if it's been spotted around here before; I don't really have any history on it beyond what the previous owner told me and what I can read on the MOTs/V5!


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I had a set of wheels like those (SD1 14") on my previous P6 but they were gold. Didn't look great so I painted them silver.

Nice looking car


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Nice looking car.

There is a local meet in the West of Scotland, 1st Wednesday of the month at the west park hotel, just along from the fire station at Kilbowie Road.

With the seats is there an ECU to control them or just direct from the seat switches? I would take a supply directly from the battery. You do have the main battery cable running to a take off point below the pedals if you prefer, I dont like disturbing it.

You will get a lot of niggles but once you have ironed them out and use the car regularly they become less.
@arthuy I shall try to make it along at some point!

I don't think there's a seat ECU- I haven't had a chance to properly poke around yet, I've been too busy enjoying the driving experience! From the brief inspection I did the other night I think it's just bare wires, but I've found a few R75 seat wiring diagrams that should come in handy- I don't feel the need to wire in the heating elements, so I'll likely just run a wire and inline fuse to a switched live then find a ground point to terminate it.

You wouldn't happen to have any recommendations for specialists in the west of Scotland? I've been considering visiting the Rover Repair Centre in the Gorbals for all the things I'm not brave enough to attempt on the driveway...
Good afternoon IncompetentFox

I have used Gibbon & Wilson (Automatic Transmissions) Ltd
Maryhill Rd, 5-6 Garscube Mill
G61 1QR Bearsden
East Dunbartonshire Scotland
0141 943 1333 / e mail jgjagspares@googlemail.com

Jamie Gibbon.
Jamie is an old school British Leyland man and has sorted out some bits on my 3500S.
A bit slow to get back to you but I think worth it.
Only open Tuesday through to Friday however.

Stumow from Clarkston
@stumow I think I know that place, I used to work up at the Science Park and walk down that way at lunchtimes- always a lovely selection of old British iron parked in the yard! I'll give them a look, cheers.


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It is hard to find a good garage to work on classics or modern which is why I started doing it myself.

There are a few garages and specialists about though but you find there is less people who know about the P6. It is really an easy car to work on and even what some people think are nightmare jobs (rear brakes) are quite straight forward.

There are other things which are normal for a P6 which people worry about if not used to older cars.

On the forum you will find a lot of previous posts with photos which are always handy, other than that just ask and someone will help.

The bare wires are not ideal, you should be able to use a couple of change over relays to get the switches and motor working.