Idler Arm


Hi There,
A bit of an embarrassing one...I was told a year ago at rego check my Idler Arm was worn. I searched around and got a reconditioned one delivered. Then I proceeded to look in the manual and also under the car and I couldn't find it!!!! Does anyone know where this is situated in a RHD P6 3500? Is it a home mechanic job? I can jack the car and have tools....Any thoughts?
Hello John,

The steering idler is located on the passenger's side. Open the bonnet and look down the back adjacent to the heater unit. When you look down you will see the top of the idler. It is retained by 4 bolts. To remove you need to lift the front of the car to allow the steering wheel to be turned, as this allows access to the track rod ball joint. You will need the tool to separate the two. You will also need either the same or a different tool to separate the steering rod from the idler arm. Sometimes it is easier to detach the idler from the body as the steering rod can often be troublesome to remove. Be advised that this is not a simple job, you could easily spend more than half a day teaching your neighbours new words :rolleyes: Even removing the idler from the engine bay is not straight forward as you will find almost everything is in the way.

Lets know how you go!

Faff of a job without the right tool to undo the track rod and the side steering arm. Access is very limited. As Ron suggests, expect the air to be thick with expletives! Can be done but a royal pain in the butt. Good luck. Do the idler bracket bolts up very very tight, they tend to work loose.
^^^ What he said! You will need a tool like this:-
Sydney Tools
Up on stands at the front, left front wheel off. Remove any split pins, loosen, but dont remove nuts , else there might be a violent separation. I dont like the pickle fork type of separator as they can destroy the rubber boot on the joint. I also prefer the bolt head on the outside of the separator so you can get a ring spanner on it - less chance of slipping off. As you get to high loads on the spanner give the eye of the arm (part around the taper) a smack with a good size hammer - both sides at once if access permits. Updates on progress welcome.
This is the unit I have.
Guys thank you very much. I'm thinking this might be too much for me. I think I'll take it to a professional mechanic. Again, thanks so much for the advice.
Look for some body who knows the model - Ron should be able to recommend - the average mechanic would have a heart attack. Probably will need a wheel alignment afterwards, and very few alignment places will have a clue where to look. also have all the ball joints checked - 5 each side including the suspension. Dont forget to fill the new idler with oil - syringe in through the top plug - IIRC 90EP or similar.
Dont throw the old one away. There is a suspension place up in BNE that can refurbish them but its on an exchange basis. Always good to have one to send away. Also, if the on you've got it 2nd hand you will need to ensure is got oil in it.