If you didn't have a Rover . . . ?

If you didn't have...

The P6 is my latest buy.

My Family also drives:

On 4 wheels:
Mercedes Benz W123 200, 1983
Mercedes Benz W201 190E, 1984
Ford Taunus TC II, 1977

On 6 wheels:
Steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 712K, 1976

and on 2 Wheels:
Ducati 900SS, 1980
Ducati 888, 1994
BSA A65 Lightning, 1965
Puch 175 SV, 1964

A lot of choice ;-)


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IMG_20170129_132047 (Medium).jpg
My 2 current steeds - The saab is a great thing... it shifts in a way nobody expects from a car that looks like that :) Got to fix the air con and there is a water leak somewhere, but the cruise and heated seats work just fine :) And it was cheap, especially considering it's one of the better models.


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Were my pockets a little deeper, I'd like to also own an immaculate and importantly unmolested early Series II 3500, so as to have a benchmark by which to evaluate everything I've done to my car. I like the idea of having an unrestored automatic P6 to cruise in, and further tweaking my car, starting with finally getting around to installing a 5-speed box.
If my pockets were a whole lot deeper by far, I'd like to own an earlier DeTomaso Pantera. Given yet more money to spend on vehicles, I'd fulfil an ambition I've had for over thirty years, and build myself a hot rod real steel '32 Ford 5-window with a roof chop, a supercharged V8, and paint it with plenty of flames!
I'm not going to list all the cars I've dreamt of owning, I've restricted myself to my most burning desires for the sake of brevity. It would comprise a very long list indeed!


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It's got many options on it, and they offered me a huge discount, and I mean huge. I wouldn't pay the list price on a car like this but to be honest it was a little over half price and had 3,000 miles on the clock, less than six months old and only driven by Audi. I couldn't help myself :cool:


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Is it a V8 or V6 turbo?
Have a friend with an S8 - the Lambo V10 - and it does have an exhaust which shades even the P6B!
I tried the S8 with the V8 twin turbo RS6 engine, and it scared me :eek: Not the speed it took off, but the way you could watch the fuel guage drop. My old car, that was traded in was an A6 with (Look away Rockdemon) the 3.0TDi and that car was just awesome, so I ended up getting the 3.0TDi version. With a 0-60 of 5.7 and 47mpg, I just couldn't fault it.

I must admit though the S8 sounded like a mad Tyranasour when kicked, I mean :D:eek::)