incrediable garage find, 20 yrs in, and still almost concourse?

hi there,
take a look at this incredible garage find, almost concourse if you have vivid imagination, a tongue that wont fit , and lots of patience for restoring an old girl.
just needs a little tidy up and some doors with handles!

cant think that anyone would actually put a video like that up in the first place, the silver lining to the story is that the fellow
now has a usable garage to house a "good runner", just a tad better than the previous one?
I suppose that it depends on how deep your pockets are?o_O
you need to have the motivation , have a nice wide garage, an understanding wife, unlimited phone calls account.:D
a mate that will release you from the straight jacket when requested...:rolleyes:


Staff member
Good clean up and get rid of the snow, that would look pretty much ok. That would need less work than Sparky did, and he was a rust free, never been welded car :rolleyes: