Jamjar - My 1975 Rover 3500 tart up

Hello, unfortunately I am not as talented as some of you others but I try to find the right people to help me and I try to find the info I need on this great forum. I bought Jamjar in 2012 and joined the Club. The best thing I ever did! Please see new members " My dad had one". Any way, I wanted wheels and after a lot of reading I took a chance on trying to fit Jensen Interceptor wheels. I found a set of five on ebay. please dont ask how much things cost as it is pain full to remember.
_57 4_zpslexmhtj6.jpg

I had them refurbed and they came out great! I bought the centre badges from ebay.

I had a tyre fitted on one wheel and test fitted them on each corner. They went straight on using Jensen wheel nuts except for the rear driver side arch which needed jacking out. Thankfully I had met Chris York at D&G Classics and he showed me exactly how to do it.
I was not ready to fit the wheels just yet and I put them away in a safe place.
I then found the best people to restore the engine bay would be Clive and Maurice Annable in Derby. I drove the car down and left it with them in November 2014. They did a great job as per their reputation.


Just recently I found a Trimmers in Harlesden called C.E. Moore. Steve the owner is a great guy and we struck a deal to get the interior renovated. I bought the carpet from Coverdale and he fitted it as well as restoring and recolouring the seats. I got the car back but there were a few minor issues which he will sort out when I book it back in. However, it does look great. I fitted the Jensen wheels on and I'm sure you will agree Jamjar looks great. I will be showing Jamjar off at the Luton festival on Sunday 14 June with Tony Bunting from the Case is Altered.





I have to dash now but will check comments later. Hope your inspired!
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That looks absolutely superb and the wheels really suit it. What size tyres are you running? It wouldn't be my first choice of colour, but it works really well with the Sundym glass and I actually really like it.


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jamjar said:
Hello, unfortunately I am not as talented as some of you others but I try to find the right people to help me and I try to find the info I need on this great forum.
Not everyone has the time or the hand skills necessary to achieve the standard they want for their car. Looks like you've found the right people for the jobs you've had done. The car looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing it an event soon :wink:



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Wow, what a looker. It really show us how good looking a tobacco leaf car can be. Thanks for the inspiration!
Regards, Barten
Thanks for your compliments. :D The tyres are 195/65/15 budget tyres but the ride quality is noticeably improved. I bought a white tyre marker pen from ebay but it rubs off easily. I have now found a rubberised white wall paint on ebay which needs to be applied on the tyres under load and should not crack and stay on for longer.
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321727967006? ... EBIDX%3AIT

the wheel centres
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1x-Rover-Keyl ... 53f1333562

I had read that the Jensen interceptor wheels would not fit without modification. I am just glad that this was wrong in my case and all worked out well and the wheels look good because they resemble the S Trim wheel caps which we all know suit the car very well. I will use my steel wheels with S Trim in winter. :D .... and no, I wish that was my house but its not.
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