just seen this on flickr.

Hi, I came across this the other day, probably already been seen before. -

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I looked at this thread earlier today and later picked up one of my books and thought 'I've just seen that photo' somewhere!

According to the book it was a photoshoot of the cast of 'the new edgy police series Z-Cars'. Dated 27 September 1965.

It didn't really click at first but the car's fitted with a sunroof; are they stood on the seats or did they take them out:rolleyes:
ETA, Just realised there's an earlier post relating to it, which I missed, but photo had been lost.
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chrisw , loving the picture of the 2 series 1 blue Rovers, what's the story on that piccie?

photo of "the new edgy police series Z-Cars" dated 27 September 1965 is brilliant, 'Barlow' looks so happy, his daughter was on TV a couple of months back being interviewed on what is was like while her father did Z cars and it was such a great interview