LDV Pilot gearbox (R380) or LT77 17A


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Hi An alternative is an SD1 speedo head is a swap for the P6b one, the only difference is the odometer and the tripmeter are transposed. So a little massaging of the relevant window is needed which is what I did years ago. It could be an option if you can get hold of one.

Rover themselves trialled overdrive on the P6. Their first attempt was to simply borrow a Triumph 200 O/D box. But their second attempt was more interesting. Instead of mounting the overdrive on the back of the box, they mounted it on the front of the diff, behind the prop shaft. In that location it replaced the front diff input extension.................

Of course, that still leaves you looking for a decent main gearbox..............
What an interesting solution.

I already found a decent gearbox, or to be precise i hope it is.
Engine and gearbox (LT77) is already in the car, but i did not start or even drive it since then.
I hope the box copes with the brute power of my 4.8 ;-)