Searching in the depths of my garage I found an old Lucas Rev Counter, thought I'd see if it could be fitted to my 1975 2200 sc auto. I can work out how to switch it from 6 volts to 12 and to Negative earth, but what goes to the terminal that takes a loop of wire around it. Is it the wire from the coil to the points, there are 2 wires to the other side of the coil, a thick one and a thinner one or is it one of these? Think there is a ballast wire somewhere around whatever that does - any ideas anyone please?
Just noticed that there is the more or less same rev counter on ebay for £45 allegedly for a P6 which also has this loop thingy so looks like its possible. Steve


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Hi, The rev counter connects into the white wire going from the ignition switch to the coil. IIRC In the centre of the dash where the clock is, certainly on series 1, there's two white wires joined by a male and female bullet connector, you can separate them and connect in the rev counter. I think it may still be true for the series 2 SC because they use the series 1 strip speedo. You may need to get hold of the pod to go there that houses the rev counter and the clock. I think you have some investigating to do.

For cars with strip speedos, the early tachometers don't have the bullet connectors, they use the single turn of wire. The tach is actually inserted between the coil & the distributor, using an additional harness (568024 (RH)/25 (LH) for early series 1 with the single turn, 570576/77 for late series 1 using the bullet connectors).

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Thanks guys, spotted the thread SMITHS THE CARE OF INSTRUMENTS a few lines above this, so I opened up the website shown inside and downloaded the pdf and lo and behold included along with many others were the instructions on the maintenance of the Rev Counter and a wiring diagram. I took the live feed from the dash switch of my electric fan and the earth and panel light connections from the clock, looped in to the wire from the coil to the points and surprise surprise it all works, needs a bit of adjustment as is not ticking over at the 2000 revs shown. The Rev Counter last used on my brothers mini back in c 1968!