made a replica tax disc

I played around with photoshop this afternoon to make myself a replica tax disc for my car.
Not being sure of original fonts, I came as close as I could. As I have never seen one of these in North America, I'm not sure how accurate it is.
What dimensions are the discs, and what were they printed on in 1970?


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MMM lucky you are in Canada as I am sure if you did that in the UK some one would be feeling your collar :shock: but then again Canada is still a commonwealth country :LOL:

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I just made one for my own enjoyment. Thought it would be a nice touch for car shows. It seems there are quite a few companies supplying repro discs, but Graeme hints at legal issues making a copy....
colnerov said:
Hi, the diameter of the disc is 3". They are printed in rectangular piece of paper with a perforated
circle for the disc to be torn out. Are you doing this for your own enjoyment? There are companies
that sell these. Try this site, - ... xdiscs.htm

If you click on the picture top right it gives a run down of the styles for different years.

I've used Greg's product in my '68 Cooper S and it is spot on, with the correct North London issuing stamp and other relevant details - the perfect period finishing touch to any classic car. After October this year it will be legal to display these period discs on their own as the DVLA are doing away with paper discs altogether!