Matching Pair of HiF6 Carbs & Inlet Manifold.


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Hello Rovering member. I have what you are looking for, but I'm over in Germany. What would you consider a reasonable purchase price for a pair of Hif6 carbs and an inlet manifold, including the throttle linkage? I don't really know how much to ask for it. Let me know if you are interested, given that p+p from here will also be more than within the UK mainland.
Hello Mr Task. Thanks for the offer. Could you get a postage price to the UK from your end so I could factor that into the price please? I'll also make some enquiries.
Much appreciated. RM
Hello, if youre still looking for matching pair of su's I have removed a pair of 1 3/4 inch on manifold from my p6 v8. I think this is what your after. If your interested please let me know, andrew


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The Rovering Member said:
Thanks Andrew. I've sent you a PM.
If this doesn't come off I've probably got some sitting on a car but would not look showable without cleaning or a spruce up :)
(Presume you want manual choke)

Message me if I can help and I'll see what I have. Not sure what they're worth :?