More SU carb woes

I finally got the car started at weekend only to see petrol overflowing from the nearside carb again. I stripped it and reset the float very carefully and cleaned all the insides. Car runs for a few minutes and then floods again. Both carbs were rebuilt using new floats and rebuild kits several months ago. This a fairly recent thing to stop me using the car. Carbs are HIFs and the fuel pump is a Huco mounted at the front. The offside carb runs well with no leaks. I don't know what to try next. Perhaps a replacement nearside carb?


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Blocked return line? See if you can blow back through it - if not by mouth, short blips with compressed air. Extinguisher handy. I did the needle&seats and jets recently, and choke Orings, no problems. Didnt touch the floats.
Where is the fuel coming out ?
Fuel pressure is about 3 psi. I believe the Huco pump is a low pressure one anyway. Fuel is coming from the overflow on the left hand carb, all over the driveway. -(Never popular!). I hadn't thought of a blocked return. I'll check it next time the covers come off. Thanks for the tips.