Moto-Lita restored at last!


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Hi all.
Ever since I bought and fitted the early Moto-Lita steering wheel many years ago,I have been meaning to get round to restoring it! :oops:
The lacquer was almost all gone and the wood was getting really grubby from dirty oily hands when tinkering.
I just gave it a quick clean with wire wool and thinners every now and then! :(

Even when I repainted the V8 over a year ago it was on my to do list, :oops:
Finally, :)
I did a small favour for my mate Edd who restores antiques,and in return he has 2pack clear coated the wheel for me!! :D

I am not going to polish the alloy to a mirror finish,as thats too bling,well just enough to keep it sparkling. 8)
I have carefully trimmed down the outer edge of the P5 badge,so it sits nice and flush and secure in the 3 1/2" hole,but is easy to pry out if I need to.


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BU~#ER!! :cry: :cry: :evil: :roll:
Ive just noticed a nasty scratch on the wheel at about 5-6 o'clock! :evil: :cry:
I must of caught it with the bag of shopping with tins in the other day when I was rushing back from work/supermarket! :(
Edd just spotted it as well,,, :oops:
"never mind,S#*T happens..whip it off and i'll sort it" says he!


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See you tomorrow Chris.
Am planning to blag my way into the main area to park right by the hall,,,,,, 8)
"I have some heavy stuff to unload/collect at the RP6club stand guv!!" :wink: :)


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What a transformation. Those Moto-Lita wheels do look classy and suit cars like the P6 I think. Don't worry about a few scratches - that's just patina :D .


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looks great,

I have one but it is flat so not ideal for P6. I fitted it to my Vitesse for a bit. The centre is an original moto-lita as fitted to the American spec cars.

I like the P5 centre on yours.



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Many thanks to arthuy for selling me his flat 15" moto-lita wood wheel!! :D
Just what was needed for the MGTF project,it will restore as good as the one in my p6. :)