Mth 442h is back


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Not been on hear in a very long time and mth was pritty well known on hear well she has changed a lot since I was on here the nada bonnet has gone the s2 dash has gone sd1 wheels have been replaced. had a series 1 v8 bonnet, doors, roof and a few other panels painted in corsica blue just waiting on the wings now also I have gone back to a orginal s1 v8 speedo as well hope u all like


Phil Robson

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Nice to see you on here again, Gareth. :)

I'm on a bit of a sabbatical at the moment, but will return to 'full fat' hopefully in the next few months when I get my 'Italian mistress' something like road legal :cool:

MTH looks well. Your pictures are prompting me to actually get 'Hazel's' wheel nuts changed to match its Rostyles; I might even get some centre caps for them, too!


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I have popped on now and then but that's about it yep going back to a s1 spec only thing will stay on it will be the 5 speed box