Multi-Shade Brown 1971 P6 3500

Hello all, thought i would log the progress of the car i recently bought, for my own memory more than anything.

So bought this car blind at auction, picked it up the next day and drove it home 200 miles with minimal troubles, I wasn't sure what I was going to get but i appear to have a well maintained if scruffy car, which at the moment doesn't appear to be a complete basket case.

History that came with the car isnt great, but its on 48k miles (or 148k, not sure), had a full engine and brakes rebuild in 2016 and I am its 5th owner. Previous owner had it since 2013, owner before that had it since 1989!

There is some upgrades, such as power steering, halogen lights, electric front windows, webasto roof and Avon safety wheels. Current plan is to get it working reliably for the summer, and then get any rust to the base unit repaired over winter. No plans to sort the bodywork or interior really, i quite like the patina, i may change the bonnet as the corrosion is more unsightly than patina..

20220430_173050.jpg 20220430_103150.jpg

Current problem list post purchase is:
  • Heater doesnt appear to work (can detect a little warmth, maybe bottom of heater box or seals rotten)
  • Stereo and speakers not connected atall
  • Massive exhaust leak from front
  • Seat leather is very dry (needs a feed)
  • engine can hesitate under load (Rotor arm blackened, dash pot making itself loose)
  • Radiator weeps after a drive, from the left hand side (might need a recore)
  • Speedo oscillates (heard this is an easy fix)
  • Windscreen washer doesnt work (pump does nothing, will try on direct 12v)
  • Oil pressure switch intermittent, sensor not much better (pressure really bad or sensor/wiring?)
  • top end of engine can be tappity, hard to define with the exhaust leak (lifters gummed up?)
  • rear axle can creak when turning (needs greasing or de dion seized?)
  • Front wheels wobble when light braking, going away when hard braking (worn suspension joints)
  • Rear interior light cover missing

Got my first load of parts arriving from MGBD today, so hopefully will make some progress this weekend.



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Welcome to the pit! Same colour as mine - Mexico Brown? Do some searches here on specific areas like heater etc. the V8s are notorious for worn valve gear due to infrequent oil changes - mine was badly worn. Remove one set of rockers to check - after covers are off, undo 4 bolts holding the posts on the head small amounts at a time, ensure that the push rods dont stick to the rockers as you lift the assembly. Push one rocker sideways against the spring, and check the underside of the shaft for wear - see mine below. Genuine rockers etc are $$$$, but there are much cheaper aftermarket parts available, and unless you are going to do MANY MANY miles, should outlast the car. If the shafts are worn, the rockers are also, toss the lot.
Have just done my heater - real PITA - leave it until you really have nothing else to do. The foam seals on the flaps will have crumbled by now, so the air control wont be very good now. Are the hoses connected? Can you hear the fan working at both speeds?
Check all the usual things - plugs, leads (check in dark for shorts), rotor, cap, points. Check wheel nuts, front hubs for play. Check fuse box (under pass glove box on bulkhead) . Check all electrical connections for being clean, and firm (eg oil pressure sender!) - apply something like Deoxit as you check them. Also check all earths for clean and tight. Change all oils and filters, and the auto box.
Get and read owners manual so you know how everything SHOULD work. Join P6 owners club and get soft copy of workshop and parts manuals.
good luck.
My rocker shaft:-
They do look like Avon safety wheels; I don't recall having seen a P6 fitted with them, so they must be fairly rare. I have seen Bristols fitted with them, but not for a long time.

I do recall issues with having the tyres removed, though down to lack of knowledge (understandable) of the tyre fitter; from what I've read, the trick us to remove the safety band first, then it's fairly straightforward.
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Nice car! What are the two extra switches with chromed bezels at either end of the dash for? May we have a pic from the side showing off those rims, please?
Frustrating few jobs today.

Attempt to fit electronic ignition failed, the kit I was sent is for post 76 cars, so doesn't fit. So shall be returning.

The fuel filter looked ancient so I replaced it, I ordered the universal filter and fitting kit from MGDB as I wasn't sure what condition the original lines were in. Looks like the filter was abit of a ticking time bomb to me...

But the MGDB kit seemed to include the wrong size p clip which was too big for hose but too small for the filter? The hose clips were also a size too small, so had to use my own jubilees in places. The hose seemed too small diameter to fit on the 2nd step of the filter, so only used the 1st step. Also not a fan of using the existing outlet from the pump that has no bead or such to retain the hose. May have to replace the fitting with a proper 90 degree elbow.
Any feedback on how it's routed?

Next was an oil change, made easier by the cars ride height so no jacking! Looks like the oil leak I noticed was an incorrect washer on the sump plug, so easy fix.

Whilst I was under there I had a better look underneath, and it looks pretty good actually, only worry is my exhaust leak isn't a gasket like I hoped, but a hole in the (knackered) exhaust, so that's a big bill coming up!


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Is that a Batman logo on the wheels?

I can't quite make it out, but is there an uprated oil pump on there, might be changed to the SD1 oil pump so using the 3/4" thread and not the old 13/16" on the P6B. I think those are the correct thread sizes :hmm:


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No, the window switches aren't original. Without taking the door panels off, you won't be able to tell if the windows are original or an aftermarket kit either.

Those switches are often seen on the electric sunroof conversions.


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Looks like a nice honest car :)

If the filter is the later thread type, I use these on my Defender and the LR part number is ERR3340. I usually go for Mahle branded as they are OEM fitment on a lot of german stuff and so can't be bad. Mahle part number is OC261 I think, expect to pay around £3-4.
They still make the switches for the rover setup. They are an American Delco switch and available through the US car restorer type shops ie. online. There is also a company that does that style of switch, i think in England.

oh and those old filters are still available at a price but you can buy filters with the same diameter plastic tubes, cut the flare off and fit new olives with the old nuts (olives from engineering shop not the green grocer)
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Fuel filter might look a little more original if you get one with a vertical inlet(underneath), but a horizontal outlet - not unncommon.
Here is mine as I got it.