New member from NZ, I have a pretty nice low ks P6 coolant running out of the motor

Hi to the group first post. My P6 is leaking coolant out I think it is coming from the heater. When I get underneath I can see it dribbling out of from where ever. So thinking I will have to remove the floor panels so I can see. Any suggestions
Thanks in advance Ian Auckland


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Welcome @Ianredi. There aren't any removable floor panels in your P6. The heater assembly has a matrix in a box full of flaps at the back of the engine bay, which always has coolant flowing through it. Check the hoses in and out of the heater box for leaks, looking from above. Access to the heater matrix itself can be bothersome. Take a few pics for us, perhaps we can help you locate the leak. We like to see pics of members cars here too!