New member seeks model clarification


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Hi, In essence the hardback is a first addition and the softback is a second addition, so has revisions. From the Amazon page the author says -

"In the 18 years since this book was first published, it's very satisfying to record that more information has come to light. So, in preparing this second edition during 2011, I decided to update and amend where possible. A lot of people have contributed new information in one way or another over the years. Readers familiar with the first edition may notice that the chapter about buying and running a P6 has been left out of this update. It was, in any case, out of date because more and different problems have come to light as the cars have become older and, more importantly, omitting those pages provide the space for comprehensive appendix updates. Appendices: A) Technical specifications, B) Vehicle identification, C) Main production changes, D) Production figures, E) Paint and trim options, F) P6 prices in the UK, G) P6 Rovers at Earls Court, H) Performance figures."

You pays your money and makes your choice.


P.S. it's cheaper on Amazon, if that makes a difference.


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There will be a new version of James' Rover P6 book coming out next summer. It has a lot of updates, and is a full re-write of the original.

It will be worth the wait..